What is Spice?

Spice is a synthetic or designer drug that is usually created “underground” or in an illegal laboratory. Research chemicals are combined in such a way as to imitate the high from drugs that come from plants, such as marijuana, cocaine and heroin. Synthetic cannabinoids are used to Spice. There are hundreds of “legal” synthetic cannabinoids on the market. Only 26 have been placed on the DEA scheduled I and II of banned chemicals.

Spice is made from plant material from natural herbs or dried, smokeable leaves. A synthetic cannabinoid is mixed with Acetone and then sprayed onto the plant product. After it dries, it is placed in a package and labeled “NOT FOR HUMAN CONSUMPTION.” Because of the that labeling, the FDA does not monitor companies that make Spice. No one is watching to make sure that the ingredients used to make it are safe. No one is watching to make sure that the “recipe” is standardized. No one is watching to make sure that the equipment used to make it is clean. No one is watching to make sure that the building where Spice is made is clean and well maintained.


No two packets are the same

Spice is not detected by regular drug testing kits on the market today.  This inexpensive, easily available, undetectable drug product are just some reasons why people use it.  Peer pressure, curiosity and wanting to relieve the everyday stresses of life also play a part in its use/abuse.  What people don’t realize is that using Spice is like playing Russian roulette with your life!

Because the Food and Drug Administration does not monitor companies that make Spice, they then have free license to do whatever they want with this product.  The conditions under which Spice is made does not have to be clean, and for that matter, neither does the equipment.  There is no standardized recipe when making Spice so one packet of Spice might be hundreds of times stronger than another.  Lastly, these companies always stay one step ahead of the law by constantly changing the chemicals used to make Spice.  What are those chemicals? Your guess is as good as mine.