Adam's Story

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I had everything to live for. Served 8 years in the Navy. I wanted to re-enlist and become and officer. I wanted to buy a new car. I even got my mom to say that she would THINK about jumping out of a plane with me! But, Spice took everything away. Please learn from my deadly mistake.


friends reunited

The last time I saw Adam alive was Christmas 2010 in Hawaii. We wanted to give him a really special gift. We surprised him by wrapping Bogey, his favorite stuffed animal, when he was little. He LOVED Bogey. Bogey had been chewed up by a dog, kidnapped, ransomed, hung from a noose, thrown over a balcony and more!

He's been to elementary, middle and high school. He's also visited California, Las Vegas, Florida and Hawaii.

greatest thrill ride

I recently found this video on Adam's computer. It shows from beginning to end his adventure of jumping from a plane!

"This is the scariest thing I've ever done!" – Adam