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My name was Adam Hernandez.  I was 28 years old and had completed 8 years in the Navy.  I loved to salsa dance and enjoyed nature.  I was smart and strong but I was no match to Spice.  Please learn from my deadly mistake because ...SPICE TOOK MY LIFE! 

Adam's Story

Why should I be concerned

about fake weed?


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Initially, SPICE IS NOT NICE began as an awareness campaign at Burges High School on October 25, 2012.  Since then, it has propelled itself into a valuable resource for educational information about Spice. 

SPICE IS NOT NICE is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.  Our mission is to raise awareness and educate others about the risks and consequences of Spice and other synthetic drugs. 

It has hundreds of names with just as many different packaging.  It's a legal product and mistakenly thought to be safe. But, no matter how nice it is made to look....IT IS STILL POISON! 



  • The brain stem is in charge of all of the functions our body needs to stay alive--breathing, circulating blood and digesting food. It also links the brain to the spinal cord, which runs down the neck and is responsible for moving muscles and  limbs as well as letting the brain know what is happening to the body.


understanding addiction


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Liquid synthetic marijuana used in e-cigarettes!

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By Tom Regan

Datlon, GA. - The Georgia Bureau of

Investigation and Dalton Police said they have seized a new and dangerous form of synthetic marijuana that is designed to be consumed using vapor pens.

For our Spanish speakers

Cera Mortal  

by Mundo Fox

La marihuana es la droga mas comun entre los jovenes adolescentes en el pais, luego uno pensaria que en sugundo lugar estan la cocaina o el extasis, pero no.

Hay una droga sintentica que va adquiriendo popular entre nuestros adolescentes, sus efectos son muchos mas intensos que la marihuana misma y se vende como un producto natural y de forma legal. 


"Outstanding presentation and lasting contribution to our Parent Involvement program..."

--- Assistant Superintendent, O. Troncoso

"I truly believe your message will have a positive impact on any service member that hears it.  Thanks for your help keeping our Soldiers safe."

--- LTC, SC J. A. Bryan

"I have been in that dark place, so I know how hard it must be to tell your story.  But to do it in a way that affected 3 people in 3 different ways is amazing."

--- D. R. Montague

"Organizations such as SPICE IS NOT NICE have contributed to our nation's fight against drugs by playing a positive role in the lives of our young people."

---J. M. Arabit, Special Agent in Charge, DEA

"Mrs. Rivas shares her story first-hand about

the effects of spice on a family.  She brings statistical, factual information to the presentation.... Her story made such an impact on our students that you could only hear silence or crying."

---L. Kite, Center Director, Job Corps

"I wanted to take a moment and first thank you for the presentation you made today at White Sands Missile Range.  We go to so many "Trainings" and I don't think any have made more of an impact on me than yours did."

---T. Parrell-Green, White Sands Missile Range

​"We have been using your book and needless to say, we are expected to pass it on to more classes that are coming up in 2015.  I met with people in Presidio, TX who will be taking the class next year and showed them a preview of your book and that alone was worth them signing up for the class."

---Officer A. Rodriguez, DWI Task Force


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  Happy Birthday, Adam!  

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